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Hello VERA (BASIC vs C vs Assembly)

This short tutorial is a very simple comparison of three main languages used to develop software on Commander X16. Instead of printing standard Hello World message, let’s do something more interesting and specific to the platform but still try to keep it as simple as possible. There is nothing more unique to Commander X16 than using VERA and let's throw in reading a mouse . I will not go into details on how to install development tools and what editor to use etc. but will focus on coding to highlight differences between approaches to make it easier to choose or transition between languages regardless of what your background is. The only background required is a basic understanding of VERA (Versatile Embedded Retro Adapter). If you need a quick overview, I wrote a post  here . Goal We will write simple drawing programs in default text mode. We will use the mouse for drawing and pressing the left mouse button will draw by filling the character over which we are hovering and t