Welcome to 8-bit Coding blog. I am glad you found it and I hope you will find it interesting and useful. This blog has been started in July 2019 during the incredible resurgence of  retro computing. It is happening on so many levels, from people refurbishing old, long forgotten home computers from eighties and nineties of previous century to brand new hardware designs in the spirit of those times. There is also very vibrant demo scene that is squeezing everything from those venerable machines and there is also record number of new game releases for these systems. I decided to join the trend and to contribute as much as my limited spare time allows and as much as my skills in programming and writing allow.

About me

I am of generation that was just growing up in eighties and had our youth marked with appearance of first massively available home computers. I first got intrigued when my friend got his Sinclair ZX-81, then a year later another got Sinclair Spectrum, another Atari 400, yet another Commodore 64 and I was hooked. Then my parents bought me... Oric 1.
What? Nobody else ever heard of it, there was no software for it, of course there was no internet at these times, no local magazine mentioned it anywhere... what was I to do?
As they say the necessity is mother of all inventions. If I wanted to play or use my computer I had to write everything myself. Luckily in those times computers came with fairly decent manuals so I could start with Basic programs and some simple POKEs and PEEKs. Soon I learned that Oric ran on 6502 so I could use many of the books for C64 and other computers running same (or similar) CPU. So I wrote Monitor in Basic and start disassembling ROM, by trial and error learned the memory map and soon I was writing first games and utilities.

I thought I was getting pretty good at it and just secured a contract to release 6 of my games and a cassette copy program with UK based publisher when Tangerine and with it Oric folded. So I didn't become rich game developer soon after that moved to Amiga, first CP/M and DOS PCs. Then I got a job in writing business software so I moved completely to MS DOS, Novell, DBase, Clipper, FoxPro, then Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, large enterprise environment, etc. However my passion for the roots of home and personal computing and gaming was always there and here I am trying to share some of that passion. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.


  1. My first coding was done on an Apple IIe in sixth grade. It was state of the art at the time. This really takes me back, and makes me wish I was 10 years old again.

  2. Hey mate, quality content you have here. New fan.


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