Attack of the Petscii Robots for Oric was released on February 13, 2023. Port was done by Simon Luce and myself and we both split the coding and then Simon did all the sound effects and music and I focused on graphics like title screen, tiles and sprites.

David talks about it during his last update video:

Oric segment is from 1:55 to 3:50.

Short summary is also on his web site: Free Petscii robots for Oric

And direct link to the Download page: Petscii Robots Downloads

It is also listed on Oric.org site. Feel free to rate and leave comments: Attack of the Petscii Robots for Oric

Please let me know in comments below if you want to know more about the port and any of the techniques Simon and I used.

And here are few more screen shots.


  1. There's a glitch in the map routine of 1.03

    1. Thanks Polluks. Yes, we found the problem and it was not easy to find. The code was good but we got carried away and code grew too large so when loading maps the lookup table for HIRES graphics got corrupted and the bottom part of the map was being drawn on the wrong place. It is fixed now with 1.04 version that is available on David's web site.


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